Wearing Motorcycle Helmets If The Law Does Not Require It

By Greg Beaty

More folk are riding motorcycles these days. With gas costs being randomly high over the past several years, people are trying to find the most economical way of transportation. Often, this suggests commuting through motorcycle. Over the last 5 years, there were record numbers of motorcycle licenses being applied for, and an even larger number of motorcycles purchased. With more motorcycles on the road, there's growing understanding for the importance of wearing a helmet when you're riding.

There are only a few things more exhilarating than taking in the open road on a motorcycle. The rumble of the engine, the scent of the asphalt, and the wind hitting your face give riders a feeling of power as they commute. Many states don't require riders to wear a helmet when they're riding, though many opt to wear one anyway because there are 2 types of riders: Those who haven't crashed and those who are going to collapse. Most motorcyclists will have an accident at some particular point in their lives. Wearing a helmet can save your life should you go down on your bike.

When my partner was 17 years in age , he had a sport bike. He was riding over 100 miles per hour thru some winding mountain roads. He caught a cross-wind, and laid his bike down. He went skidding over 100 feet across the pavement. He needed skin grafts on his hands, surgery on his knee, and a major concussion. Luckily , he was wearing a full-face helmet and it saved his life.

There are such a lot of different options for motorcycle helmets available. Full-face helmets will offer the most protection to a rider. There also are some smaller helmets which only cover the head of your head, and half-helmets which will cover the top and back, but leave the face open. Whatever helmet you decide suits your style, be totally sure it is properly fitted, and wear it every time you ride. It may just save your life!

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