Using Your New SCT Tuner

By Albert Price

An SCT Tuner can help improve the way that your car performs with a simple installation. The gas mileage, horsepower, torque, and overall performance can change with just some simple software. The device works with the internal systems of the vehicle to make it perform at its peak. You can set it to suit your driving style, the conditions, and environment. The engine will burn fuel better, and it will run smoother than it did when it came off the line. You can change the way your car works with expensive modifications.

The SCT Tuner is computer software that directly communicates with the internal computer. It checks codes, fixed problem codes, helps to diagnose problem, and keeps the electrical in top working condition. The performance of the inner workings of the car are being maintained constantly.

The device usually comes with preset tuning programs for different cars. Depending on the make and model of your car, you can choose settings that will help maximize the way your engine runs and the way the car handles. There are settings for modified cars, older vehicles, and new models. You simply have to test out the settings to see which one works for you.

As you drive, the computer is constantly communicating with the device, and the computer helps to process new information coming to the computer to help increase gas mileage and horsepower. You can pick up as much as two miles per gallon in fuel efficiency just from using the instrument, and you will be able to maintain that fuel savings over time.

Cars can also see an increase in torque. If you drive a car that has non-diesel engine, you could see a gain of up to 35 foot-pounds. Diesel engines could see gains up to 240 foot-pounds of torque. The differences in torque can be increased and decreased based on the programming you use. This allows you to fine tune the car to the exact specifications you want.

You can keep your ride in perfect condition even after the installation of the device. It does not interfere with any other instruments, and it can be removed before schedule factory maintenance. You will not void the warranty, and it will not damage the tuner that is already there. This keeps you from having to live under the hood, and it keeps your warranty intact.

You'll also get a 90-day warranty with the product. You'll have about three months time to tinker with it, and you can make sure it works right for you. The company stands behind the product in case there are problems. Remember, these are delicate instruments, and any assurance you can get from the manufacturer is a good thing.

Using the SCT Tuner still requires you to manually input programming, but it helps you tune your vehicle far more quickly than you could on your own. You will be able to get your ride in racing shape, good shape for the open road, or tuned for the daily "city grind" with the pre-installed tunes. You can stay connected with your car's performance without digging under the hood.

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