Ways Your Company Can Save Cash By Purchasing Quality Used Forklift Equipment

By Debrah Langston

Imagine a large retail chain store that has 20 distribution hubs around the country that needs 200 forklifts that each cost $16,000 dollars new. It would cost them $3,200,000.00 to purchase 200 new forklifts, but only $1,400,000. if the bought used fork lifts. That's a lot of money to spend on a piece of much needed equipment.

That's a savings of 43% or $1.8 Million dollars. Perhaps instead of laying off workers, these companies can reduce operational cost by buying less expensive equipment. Let's note that high quality, and reliable used forklifts can be purchased for under the $7,000 used in this example, so small business owners can enter the game at difference price ranges to fit their budget.

This scam consist of not disclosing the true price of the forklift, but focusing on the payment plan to sugarcoat the high interest rate and the length of the loan. By the time your shinny new forklift is paid for, it's too old to be useful! Gently used forklifts help the buyer save money and purchase a lasting piece of equipment they'll be able to use for years to come.

The advantages of buying a used forklift is similar to the value of buying a used car. It is said, a car loses it's value once it leaves the lot. This is called depreciation. That shinny new corvette or shinny new forklift loses 15% of it's value once you purchase it. It can never be sold for the price that you paid for it, thus you lose money.

Buy used allows companies to free up more money to invest right back into their company. They high payment and interest rates on new equipment eats at a companies productivity, and eventually leads to them having to spend even more money when their forklift is no longer serviceable. A used forklift is a wise choice that will save you a lot of money, time and headaches. You can search our site for the used forklift of your choice, and we can ensure that we will find you a reliable, high quality forklift that will serve your business for many years.

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