Where To Get Free Boat Plans On The Internet

By Martin Reid

Have you been combing the World Wide Web for freebie boat plans? Then I guess, the possibility exists you had stumbled upon what I as well had unearthed a few years ago. I was also looking for some boat plans so that I can build a dinghy that is made of plywood for my children that are free. One of the problems I had is than most of the free boat plans were not all that viable

I honestly have lost count of the numbers of half-completed drawings and sketches that I had downloaded. It is such a waste of time since not even one of them turned out to be any good at all. Although there were a couple of plans that were quite proper. However, they were not precisely what I was searching for. You see, the first one was far too huge for two kids that are aged ten, while the other one, seemed like it had a really small freeboard, and I was pretty much convinced, that as soon as there was a first sign of wave, it would fill up with water.

A Single Solution

The one solution that I had come up with was to design the boat by myself. A guy from my sailing club informed me about a software that designs boat in the 3D format that had recently come out of the market. I did not really think I had any skills, or the experience to be able to design a boat hull straight from scratch, but to tell you the truth, it actually turned out well. The software was very easy to use, literally uncomplicated, I instantly picked up the basics in just an hour. Then, after a couple of hours , I was working on the hydrostatics, as well as the resistance calculations, which are all done by the software itself. As I make my modifications of my design, I really felt that I was indeed in control of what I am doing.

Easy to Use

Since then the software has since been updated quite a few times, and each time it gets easier. I just simply continued with designing the kid?s dinghy. In all it took about five months to complete my work.

Although it was not that fancy, the kids still loved it and the dinghy performs very well. In fact, there are two club members that had asked me to design some boats for them. I did not want to charge them at all, but they insisted that they would like to give me something for all of my efforts. What the two club members have paid me is more than enough to cover the original cost of the software that I had used.

So, there you have it, if you want to have your own free boat plans, just simply get some each to use software for designing your own boats and you will have all the plans you want.

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