Car Crash on Water: What To Do?

By Terry A. Garcia

Getting captured in an automobile going down in a body of water, may it be in a lake, river or flood has made my mom anxious ever since.Because of that she never owned a car with power windows, because to her, that was her way out. The way it turns out, she was correct.

Nevertheless, the threat is no joke and attention must be given to it because these things do take place. Every second counts, the moment your stuck inside a submerging vehicle.That is why more and more people are carrying escape tools that include a hammer and cutting blade for emergencies. Breaking a window and stuck seatbelts maybe done with the use of a hammer as well as cutting the seatbelt with a sharp blade. That instrument is connected to a spring and adequately little to add to your keychain.

Yearly, number of individuals caught up in accidents where cars are sunk beneath the surface can go more than ten thousand. Out of those ten thousand people, three hundred succumb to death. Being ready and awareness of your course of action in case the car sinks to the bottom of the water is a life-saver.

The initial and most vital plan of action is to hasten yourself to get out of the sinking car. Try opening the window first.Try not to panic (this is easier said than done), and stay calm. The factors to consider are the kind of car you drive, its speed and angle as it plunges into the water to find out how long it takes for it to sink, it could be in between two to ten minutes. When you are aware that the car is directing towards the water and crash is imminent, ready yourself. Initially, try to see if you can open the window. Do not even attempt to open the door. The water around will create a force directing at your car so, if it has already reached the bottom portion of your door, it will be difficult to push it outwards. Since the window is slightly higher, you can still have time to roll it down.If you cannot open the window, or create an escape route, remain calm and wait until the car fills with water equalizing the pressure and open the door. If your windows are power-driven, you might not be able to open them. Your escape tools is the only thing you can rely on in this case. Windows in cars are made of tempered glass, so it doesn't break easily. In case you have no tool to aid in your escape, you can utilize anything like a flashlight or any object that has a sharp tip to crack the window. After you've found your escape route accessible, unfasten your seatbelt. You might drift away from the escape path, especially if the vehicle has turned over and has created a big mess inside, if you prematurely unfasten yourself from the seat. Keep in mind that every second counts, so be conscious of your distance from the open window. After you and your fellow travelers are out of the vehicle, do not return inside it so you can just recover your wallet or any valuable material. Your life is more precious than those expendable things. If you are wearing thick clothes like a jacket for instance, remove them including your shoes, because it will take in water and will make you heavy. Once you are out, swim swiftly to shore and have yourself checked by a medical attendant the sooner the better.

You and your loved ones can openly discuss among yourselves the guidelines on what to do in emergency cases such as being stuck in a car that is on fire, or has been in a collision or has plunged into waters. You may also include the kind of emergency apparatus that you should have in the car and where to place it so that whoever is trapped inside can easily get it and use it to free oneself. Remember to be vigilant, be levelheaded and keep safe.

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