Recommendations On Small Ding Repairs By Auto Body Boulder Colorado

By Kathleen P. Long

There is an old adage that says, "we are what we drive". Whether there is some truth to that or not, remains to be an individual feeling, but most of us do prefer that our vehicles, regardless of how expensive or inexpensively may be, look their best. Unfortunately, they are subjected to a lot on the roads, from flying rocks to dents created by other doors from neighboring cars. That said, professional tips on minor dent repairs by Auto Body Boulder Colorado specialists are offered below.

In some cases, it will require you purchasing some supplies or some tools, but there are lots of options with repairing the things yourself. It is also good practice to have them repaired quickly, otherwise they could be subjected to rusting.

It probably would not be the wisest choice to claim these on your insurance as it would only raise your premiums. Additionally, the actual repairs may actually cost less than the amount of your deductible that you are required to pay. Simply do the math before you make your decision.

On the other hand, repairing it on your own would make more sense, although this is not always possible. Giving it a try would require the vehicle owner to try the following with the tools suggested: a plunger, rubber hammer, a blow torch, a hairdryer, or an air duster.

The plunger will be used to pull out any dents. To do this, simply cover the dent with the plunger, push in and pull out, much like the way it is used to unclog a drain pipe. It will likely take several attempts. It is preferable to get behind the dent and push, but it is not always possible. It should be noted that the paint may chip, however.

Another method requires using the hair dryer to heat the surface of the damaged area. As soon as it becomes warm enough, and air duster that blows out cold air may actually succeed in popping the dent. In this case, there should be little or no damage to the paint at all.

Another suggestion is to use a torch which will keep the den enough to soften it. Then, is required to use the rubber mallet to bang on the dent until it becomes smooth and flush with the surface. In any case, there could be some damage to the paint which would have to be repaired, and this could happen either while trying to repair it or during the minor incident which could have caused some scratching. If this is the case, just buy some paint and work according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Of course, because we are amateurs, we may not be as successful as repairing these little dents as any professional could. In addition to that, we may even add insult to injury, causing further damage.

If you would rather not risk it, then simply turn to the Auto Body Boulder and Broomfield Colorado specialists. As they are trained in the field, they will see to it that your car looks perfect after they are finished with it.

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