Mobility Scooters Give Folks A New Lease On Life

By Carmina Loubier

Mobility scooters really are a genuine life saver for the elderly plus the disabled. If the distance you must travel is not too far, and you have difficulty getting around in a wheelchair, a mobility scooter may be just what you're looking for to regain your independence. There are plenty of older people who can get around some, but they tire easily when they are required to walk even short distances, and for them, the mobility scooters allows them to do more than remain in their own homes. Many have used walking canes or similar devices, but even those are too much for them.

For people who are living in retirement communities or complexes where the meals are quite a distance from their rooms, scooters like these can be truly liberating. A scooter will allow a grandparent to travel to and participate in more of their grandchildren's events, like weddings and graduations. A scooter is often a real benefit to the lifestyle of older folks who suffer from any of the many afflictions that begin to eat away at their ability to get around. If you have enough upper body strength, the capability to walk a few steps, and the ability to operate the controls, the scooter can get you a lot of places where you will no longer be dependent on others.

Those who have problems walking can be helped by walkers and wheel chairs, but a lot of tension is put on various parts of the body, most notably the shoulders and arms. The mobility scooter not only eliminates this strain, but additionally, makes the likelihood of falling off the seat, or falling down much less. Think about the ease of setting off shopping at the mall or just the grocery store, when you could very well be sitting down and moving tirelessly on your scooter. And you may go outside simply to take a short ride around the block or to the park with your grandchildren. Many of the things that were being missed, can now be an element of your life again. You will not feel the need to constantly have another person take you everywhere you need to go.

A mobility scooter can even make it easy for someone to be able to continue working in a home office. Wheelchairs can be a problem when it comes to gaining access to the things you want, like your PC; scooters are far more versatile and maneuverable. The three wheel scooters can turn pretty much on a dime, making moving around very simple. You no longer need to feel like a bump on a log, seeing that you will no longer have to have someone to do everything for you.

One more great benefit as far as driving around goes is that most of these scooters are easily disassembled into a few pieces that will easily fit in a car's trunk, and can be easily and quickly assembled at your destination. This gives you the capability and choice to attend church or any kind of outdoor activities you wish. For many folks, merely being able to get to church is certainly a true Godsend.

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